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Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
P.H. (Big Rapids, US)
Incredible Glove

I was always complaining about cold hands. That is until my wife bought me these for Christmas. Incredible warmth even in our very cold winters. We have a very long driveway and use these while snowblowing. Even after 2 hours not even a hint of cold. Just toasty warmth. Worth every penny.


I am a very active 64 year old. I live in Hamburg, New York. We just made the national news for 7 feet of snow. During that storm i almost got frost bite cleaning up the snow for myself, and my elderly neighbors. I thought i had good gloves, my hands nearly froze, It sneaks up on you. These are amazing! I got them in time for the next storm, last week. My hands were so very toasty warm, I was out for three hours without even the inkling of cold hands. My hats off to you! AND my hands Thank You. Absolutely worth every penny I paid.

Absolutely the best!

Absolutely the best! I used mine for a 5 day vacation and it keep my hands warm all the time.

Excellent Quality

Excelent quality and it is beyond my expectations.


Wow! These are the simply awesome... Extremely warm and well made, highly recommend!

Glad I purchased it

Purchased this one when I lost my old one. Was hesitant at first because it is very expensive but I' glad I took a stab in getting this. Been using mine for two seasons and it is still very good! Excellent quality!

Gets better and better

Stiff at first but get better after a breaking in. Keep my hands toasty all the time!


Fantastic mountaineering glove. It's perfect for PNW peaks if weather turns bad or winter climbs.

Happy Wife

I purchased my wife these gloves because our kids also like to play is snow and she needed something waterproof. My wife was very happy with these gloves. They hit every point on her checklist: warm, comfy and dry hands!

Warm hands

Ordered the white one and it keeps my hands warm all the time! There are a lot of gloves out there but BAIST is really keepin up to its promise! Very excellent!


Purchased these gloves as a gift. They are incredibly soft and warm inside.

Perfect for Hiking

This is a perfect glove for hiking. Not bulky and not heavy. Just perfect! Not to mention the quality of the gloves are superb!

Excellent Quality Material

I can feel the quality material they use to produce this excellent glove. I also like the design!


I bought the color tan and these are such great mitt! The fit is absolutely perfect.


Versatile! When my son doesn't need it for a face covering it is comfortable around his neck.

Easy to wear

it is easy to wear, easy to wash and the most important part it stays put over your nose.

Loved the gloves!

EXCELLENT comfort, fairly easy to get on and off.


The padding hits the right spot and I like the loop feature. Thank you for a great product!

Not worried anymore

Took these up on the mountain today and they worked wonderfully. I am not worries that I'll lost my gloves


I can’t believe I waited for so long to buy these! A revolution for your gloves. Never worry about dropping one from a chair lift again.


Great for my small hands and comfortable enough for me to use the gears.

Great Fit

Good fit and well cushioned gloves, did a five hour ride and had no numbness in my fingers.

Good Quality

Fabric is good quality, soft.

Great Purchase

They worked very well and were sturdy. The length was perfect, not too long not too short. The band is not tight at all but not loose, just enough room.

Not to tight and comfortable to wear allday

It is something we tried on and loved it. perfect balance of keeping you warm up top but staying breathable.

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