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I have no idea...

I ordered this product around the first of March '24. They arrived the middle of May when it's 70⁰ outside and the ski season is well over. All I can say, at this point, is that they seem to fit nicely in my trigger mittens. Contact me next December and I'll tell you how good they are.

The -40°F Super Beast Trigger Liner
Paul H. (Middletown, US)
appear to be exactly what i needed

To be honest, these liners recently arrived…missing the winter ( supply chain issues ,no one’s fault), so…..when the heart of the winter arrives or climate change makes August -30 degrees….i will withhold my final appraisal of these fine Baist products….Thank you all!

Men's Everyday BAÏST
Kenneth K. (Pittsburgh, US)
Would add gloved

Great gloves though the weather has warmed up so I look forward to next winter.

They fit great ! Very good quality.they keep your hands nice and warm

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
mike m. (North Salt Lake, US)
Customer Service beyond compare!

-MY- mistake. I should be ordering 120's because this is my third pair of winter Baists and I have come to believe in them as superior protection for my ancient and gnarled old hands. I ordered 110's and had to return them. Couldn't have been easier and I couldn't be happier. If Baist isn't on your radar for gloves, it should be.

Men's Everyday Mitt
Richard H. (South Pasadena, US)
Nice mitts but…

Nice mitts but they are not as warm as I thought they be as the insulations seems really thin and each mitt seems to be constructed differently as there are noticeable variations in the sizes of the leather patterns/sections

The gloves are well-made and provide great warmth.

Men's BAÏST Trigger Glove
David F. (Spencerport, US)
Trigger gloves ROCK !!

Love BAIST GLOVES ! I just bought the trigger gloves and used them a couple time and love them ,especially cold days. I would highly recommend

Comfy and secure

Felt no worries about dripping the gloves knowing that the cuff and lanyard were sadly holding the best gloves ever.

Men's BAÏST Trigger Glove
Scot R. (Elmhurst, US)
Scot Ruhlander

Haven't seen them, never got them.

Women's Everyday Mitt
Sylwia K. (East Jewett, US)
High Quality Mittons

Great construction, long-lasting glove. Warm and look great.

Women's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Sylwia K. (East Jewett, US)
High Quality Gloves

Baist is worth the price. Top tier quality.

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
David H. (Denver, US)
Love these liners!

I have been wearing these liners since I got them in a variety of temps and they keep my hands warm warm warm. They are super comfy and fit really well. The ability to reply to texts is a huge bonus. The entire system is a huge win.

keep your hands warm

I grew up in the Dakotas & winters ARE COLD. Tight five finger gloves do not keep your hands warm. As kid we wore horsehide leather mitts with wool liners. Baist is producing a similar product. of higher quality The mitts are well made from top quality supel leather. They are tough and warm. An add on are the silk liner glovs. The additional wrist band is a must to keep a person from losing their mitts. The waterproofing/conditioning treatment that Baist sells is easy to apply and keeps the mitts dry in wet snowy conditions. I have bought a pair for my self and one for my daughter . Both were purchased with liner glove, wrist strap and leather conditioner. Baist stands behind their products 100%. as I found out when one of the silk gloves came apart. I emailed them and a few days later I had a complete new set I’ve had my mitts for three years and they are great for cold weather. Highly recommend

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
Markus R. (Medebach, DE)

The Men‘s BAÏST Classic Glove is a really great glove for skiing. The quality is pretty great and they keep the hands warm on cold days.

Where is my order? I

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Steve R. (Garland, US)

Liners are outstanding

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
Robert D. (Clifton, US)
Great glove

Previously had Marker gloves and these are much warmer and the fit permits more natural, less constrained gripping.

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Deano W. (Hattiesburg, US)
Skin Liner 2.0

Fantastic, perfect fit! Love the gloves!

Men's Everyday BAÏST
Ross G. (Sechelt, CA)
Will they be warm enough?

Just got my Everydays. Fit is good. Dexterity is pretty good. untested for warmth and durability yet.

The Best

I have Raynaud’s and live in northern Minnesota. To say I have a lot of gloves is an understatement. The Baist Classic glove is top notch quality. The stitching, materials, design and warmth are absolutely the best. Using the size guide provided, I have the perfect fit. Delighted with my purchase, now for the mitts...

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Mathew K. (Havant, GB)
Big hand trouble

Having big cold hands has always been an issue for me. Over the years I’ve gone through numerous gloves, some not as warm as they claim but mostly not fitting as I’d hoped.
The Baist Skin Liner fits like they’ve been tailored to my hands, I don’t have to take them off to do the small every day jobs.
Speedy delivery and easy ordering.
My next purchase from Baist will be the men’s classic.

Men's Touring BAÏST 2.0
Todd D. (Eveleth, US)

Men's Touring BAÏST 2.0

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
David H. (Colorado Springs, US)
Love these gloves

Worn these gloves a few times now, and i love them. very warm, loaded with features. they do what they need to do.

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Rolando A. (Portland, US)

Soft and warm

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