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Glove manufacturers have discovered what the rest of us have long known: Layers are key. Many are moving toward glove "systems" - a combination of liners and shells that can be worn together or separately as conditions demand. High-tech fabrics that minimize moisture and maximize warmth are standard this season.

Test it yourself

Put these gloves to the test and see how they perform. Use them during a huge powder day and then later shoveling snow. If the outside of the glove is soaked from handling snow, but the inside remains dry all day, you’re looking at a good quality pair of gloves. Even when you put a damp hand inside while skiing, the gloves should dry out and stay warm. If your gloves check off these boxes, they are a good choice.

What to look for

It's hard to enjoy skiing when your hands are cold and wet. Here are a few characteristics you will want to look for when choosing a quality pair of gloves to last you the day.

  • Select gloves made from well-insulated, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture.
  • The perfect glove must keep water out and have removable fleece liners to help the glove dry easier.
  • Look for gloves with Drawcords that keep out snow and hold in body heat, so standing outside in damp conditions and windy weather doesn't affect you.
  • Some of the products have breathable materials in special thermal insulation gloves so your hands stay sweat free.
  • Gloves should be designed with multiple lining and materials like synthetic furs and filling material.

You want a mix of materials that are designed to wick away moisture during snow driving and are easy, comfortable, and flexible when gripping.


Having cold hands is irritating. Properly sizing your ski gloves will lead to a better fit and more warmth.

You can learn how to measure your hand for a ski glove as well as how to find your proper size using size charts.

Price Tag

When shopping around for ski gloves, there's always the price to consider. Often a low price is associated with cheap material that is not durable. You risk wearing them out and having to purchase another pair mid-season. So, one would think that finding a high-priced pair is going to be made of durable and luxurious materials, right? Wrong. Not all gloves are created equal. Finding the right price on a quality pair of gloves can prove to be difficult. As a best practice, do your homework. Research materials and the price points of multiple brands. Then choose what features you want to help you find the right price point for your budget.


Nobody said skiing is easy, but it is worth the adventure! After finding your perfect pair of gloves you can keep on skiing. If you can keep skiing in your life, it can last forever.

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and go beyond the boundaries that you set. Push the limits and occasionally, try that harder trail on the mountain that you never thought you could do.

Generally, snow gloves are specially designed for winter sports to keep your mind off the weather and your head focused on the slopes. For a safe and enjoyable skiing experience, take a look at The Goods for the latest models and look at the products and features in more detail, then tell us which one is your favorite and why?


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