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Men's Everyday BAÏST
Ross G. (Sechelt, CA)
Will they be warm enough?

Just got my Everydays. Fit is good. Dexterity is pretty good. untested for warmth and durability yet.

The Best

I have Raynaud’s and live in northern Minnesota. To say I have a lot of gloves is an understatement. The Baist Classic glove is top notch quality. The stitching, materials, design and warmth are absolutely the best. Using the size guide provided, I have the perfect fit. Delighted with my purchase, now for the mitts...

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Mathew K. (Havant, GB)
Big hand trouble

Having big cold hands has always been an issue for me. Over the years I’ve gone through numerous gloves, some not as warm as they claim but mostly not fitting as I’d hoped.
The Baist Skin Liner fits like they’ve been tailored to my hands, I don’t have to take them off to do the small every day jobs.
Speedy delivery and easy ordering.
My next purchase from Baist will be the men’s classic.

Men's Touring BAÏST 2.0
Todd D. (Eveleth, US)

Men's Touring BAÏST 2.0

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
David H. (Colorado Springs, US)
Love these gloves

Worn these gloves a few times now, and i love them. very warm, loaded with features. they do what they need to do.

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Rolando A. (Portland, US)

Soft and warm

BAÏST Bond Wrist Leash (set of 2)
Edward H. (La Pine, US)
Cold 🥶

Great product. I don’t drop my gloves in the snow

Awesome Product!

Liked my pair so much I just bought another pair for my son! Great quality, great feel, they just have that extra touch so many products these days are missing. Highly recommend!!

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Gary C. (Georgetown, GY)
Review of Men’s BAIST skin Liner 2.0

This was a good product for me. I use an app on my phone called Carv that has a liner that goes at the bottom of my ski boot to measure and give feedback about my skiing and I needed a good liner for my glove that allows me to use the touch screen on my phone while keeping my hands warm when I pull off my gloves and this liner scores high on these requirements.

BAÏST Bond Wrist Leash (set of 2)
Matthew M. (Toledo, US)


Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
JWP (Charlotte, US)
Solid cold day glove

Well constructed product good for colder days, would be too warm for anything 20 degrees or higher IMO. Worked well in fresh powder at sub 10.

Men's Everyday BAÏST
Steve S. (Nekoosa, US)

Great gloves!

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
ann s. (Wellesley, US)
recent glove purchase

I had ordered gloves for my husband because I thought he had said his were “crowded” but he says his are fine .thus, the newest pair will be given to one of our sons-in-law next Christmas.Will tell you then.

Women's BAÏST Mitt
Helen (Montrose, US)
Excellent gloves

Nice and warm, I can hold onto my poles easy and comfortable.

Fantastic Gloves

Ski instructor here - I spend a lot of time working with younger ages which can may not result in a lot of actual skiing but BAIST is the warmest glove I’ve ever had. When I do ski frontside or back country BAIST is my new go to. Make the investment, you love this glove.

Buying from this sight

Hardest damn sight to buy from. Tried 4 times to buy the same thing, even used a different card and still nothing. I will not try to buy anything else from them! I give up!

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
joel p. (Minot, US)
Warmest gloves for cold hands

In -25 degrees with 30 mph wind…my hands were warm.
These are perfect for people who’s hands get good easily.

Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0
Matthew M. (Toledo, US)

Great glove

BAÏST Bond Wrist Leash (set of 2)
Eddie F. (Arlington, US)

Best gloves I have ever worn.

Women's Touring BAÏST 2.0
Diana M. (Brooklyn, US)
This is the ideal “ski mom” glove

This is the perfect glove as a young mom shuttling kids to and from ski camp, up and down the bunny hill. It’s super warm but fitted enough so you can be nimble and hands-on. On a sunny day you can totally wear them skiing but I like them best for casual wearing on a cold day walking around the city OR hanging at the base of the mountain.

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
Michael H. (Mount Baldy, US)

[****]. Haven't got to use them, but they look fantastic, 70 yrs old, still skiing!

Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
Harold M. (Albany, US)
Baist Gloves

As a ski instructor I have been out in all kinds of winter conditions. Snow, rain, freezing rain and what ever else Mother Nature has hit us with.
The Baist gloves have preformed wonderfully. I highly recommend their gloves, they are the only ones I have been using for a number of years

The -40°F Super Beast Liner
Gary P. (Gardnerville, US)

My men’s Baist mitts are a superior product. The liners that came with the mitts seemed to be losing some loft after 2 ski seasons. I decided to try the -40 liners. They seem to have a thicker fabric and are warmer. Good upgrade for me. Probably be good into the low single digits with me wearing them with a light liner. Overall the mitts are showing NO wear after 2 seasons of 40+ days of skiing.

Men's BAÏST Trigger Glove
Dave R. (Fort Mill, US)
Above expectations

Awesome gloves, work great, functional and stylish!

Women's Everyday BAÏST
L S.P. (Zirconia, US)

Great gloves, now I'll be saving for the gauntlet ski gloves!!

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