The -40°F Super Beast Trigger Liner

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Jeff N. (Provo, US)
I have no idea...

I ordered this product around the first of March '24. They arrived the middle of May when it's 70⁰ outside and the ski season is well over. All I can say, at this point, is that they seem to fit nicely in my trigger mittens. Contact me next December and I'll tell you how good they are.

Paul H. (Middletown, US)
appear to be exactly what i needed

To be honest, these liners recently arrived…missing the winter ( supply chain issues ,no one’s fault), so…..when the heart of the winter arrives or climate change makes August -30 degrees….i will withhold my final appraisal of these fine Baist products….Thank you all!

Joel L. (Cleveland, US)
Warm Hands

I purchased the triger finger gloves and added the -40 degree Super Beast Trigger Liner. Well we got 6 inches of snow last night and this morning I was out plowing and using the snowblower. I used the gloves with both the original liner and the -40 degree Super Beast Liner. Both liners kept my hands warm @ 33 degree outside temperatures. I have to say that obviousley the Super Beast Liners do make the gloves a bit more snug but kept my hands warm. I'm sure that after the gloves are worn a few more times they will relax a little. All in all I'm very pleased with the purchase. I'm actually looking forward to a zero degree day here in Ohio to really see how they work out. The quality of the gloves and liners is apparent as soon as you see them.

Chuck L. (Rapid City, US)
Should be great

Bought them for ski season, but the season hasn't started yet...not enough snow. Expect them to live up to expectations, based on previous purchases.

mike m. (Salt Lake City, US)

I haven't used the glove/liner combination yet but I will because December is the cruelest month to ride a chairlift in the Canyons of Utah either morning or afternoon.

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