Gloves vs. Mittens: Which are better?

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Ever stared down a snow-covered mountain and been faced with the age-old dilemma: gloves or mittens? It's a battle more heated than a mug of hot cocoa, with skiers and snowboarders divided into camps as passionate as penguins huddling for warmth. But fear not, powder-bound warrior, for this article is your trusty map through the mitten-clad battlefield and glove-enclosed trenches.

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I switch between gloves and mittens depending on mountain conditions.

One offers extra warmth while the other opens up a world of dexterity.

Currently, as I write this in deep winter, my heart lies with mittens. Although, they had to come off to type this up! I might consider changing to gloves when things warm up in the spring.

Funnily enough, skiers and snowboarders have strong views on the ski glove vs. mitten argument, many declaring themselves one way or the other.

So which one are you? What are the pros and cons of gloves and mittens?

Let’s explore the differences and find out which might suits you best.




Ski Mittens: Pros and Cons

Now, I have my own opinion on mittens, but I decided to put these aside and ask the local ski shop for their unbiased advice.

The main question is — do you regularly suffer from cold hands? If yes, then mittens are a safer way to go. They keep your fingers cuddled together like penguins huddling for warmth.

Mittens are for sure warmer as they keep all your extremities wrapped up in a nice little bundle, plus they add some cool karate-chopping abilities.

There are downsides to mitts though. You’ll find a complete lack of dexterity with only a thumb free for grip, plus hand gestures become impossible.

Pros of Mittens

Cons of Mittens

Extra warm

Karate chopping ability

Better for smooth snowball shaping

Added style

No dexterity

Tricky for hand signals

A little bulky

Difficult to pick nose

Ski Gloves: Pros and Cons

So what about ski gloves? If mittens are so great, why even bother with gloves?

Well, the advice is if you don’t suffer from cold hands regularly, then gloves are the best all-round option, particularly with the BAÏST glove system that couples tough gloves with the warmest, most comfortable liner you’ve ever experienced. You’ll gain the dexterity of having all fingers free to move individually, plus a skin liner than wicks away moisture while offering touchscreen compatibility.

Skiers often prefer gloves as it makes holding ski poles a lot easier. It’s why snowboarders have no qualms about mittens as they have nothing to hold.

The added dexterity allows you to point as well as show numbers and other hand gestures, which is handy while out on the mountain. Not only that, you’ll be able to get at the multitude of zips on your ski gear.

Gloves it is then? From experience, I can tell you they just aren’t as warm. Each finger is left out in the cold to fight the elements individually. My tip is mitts for the coldest days and switch to gloves when it warms up a bit.

Pros of Gloves

Cons of Gloves

More dexterity

Easier to hold ski poles

Can point and show numbers

Normal hand gestures

Access to zips and pockets

Less warmth

Less stylish karate chops

Looking for the best of both worlds? Try a trigger mitt!

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