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Our Philosophy

Here is what we believe.

We believe in untracked pow.

We believe that ski gear should be effortlessly dependable.

We believe in skiers, boarders, and those that free the heel.

We believe in pow, trees, steeps, groomers, backcountry, bumps, jumps, or whatever else you wanna ski because if you’re on any of these, well, you must be doing something right.

We believe in the right your hands have to be warm, dry and dexterous when needed.

We believe in taking care of this planet we call home.

We believe that there are no friends on a powder day.

We believe in gear that lasts for years.

We believe in comfort.

We believe in the never summer ski bum, the weekend warrior, the once a year skier, the first timer and everything in between.

We believe in being awesome.

And we definitely believe in Après Ski.

Onward to hucking, shredding, sending it, and pizza /\ french fry II for those new to this world of winter.


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