Ian Murphy

Skier, Hunter

I was born in Denver, Colorado, and 13 months later, I was on skis for the first time. Growing up skiing in the Rockies was all I could have asked for. I have been skiing my whole life and if the snow is falling I will figure out a way to be there! Skiing on the Loveland Big Mountain team is amazing. Our coaches help us get better and push our boundaries. During the 18/19 season, I went on my first backcountry hut trip. Ever since then, I have been responsibly pushing the limits and exploring the backcountry. These days I spend my time ripping around with friends in the ski area and getting away from everything and getting the fresh snow in the backcountry. The "ski bum" lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it definitely keeps me coming back for more!

"If the snow is falling I will figure out a way to be there!"

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