How Does BAÏST Stack Up Against the Competition?

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How Does BAÏST Stack Up Against the Competition? There are tons of glove brands on the market. Duh. Here’s why BAIST is the bomb. You might be wondering… why BAÏST? Well, it’s something I wondered too when I first came on board here. Arc’teryx, Hestra, Outdoor Research, they all make great gloves, right? Of course they do. But not like BAÏST.

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So let’s break it down.

High quality doesn't have to mean high price

The whole concept of BAÏST centers on the idea that high quality doesn't have to mean high price. One of the cool things that our founder Ace Jonas did is he took all the cash that larger brands have to spend on marketing, website design, and other superfluous overhead, and then he funneled that directly into making the warmest, most durable mountain gloves in existence. 

At BAÏST, it’s all about making the product as kickass as possible, and nothing more. BAÏST cut out the middlemen, the agencies, all the extra fluff of larger brands that take away from developing a bomber product, to focus on the glove system itself.

With most competitor glove brands, the gloves alone cost around $190, if not more. With liners and leashes and goggle cleaners and all that added in, totals get closer to $280 or $290!

Meanwhile, BAÏST’s entire glove system, which includes:

  • Waterproof Goat Leather Cordura Shell
  • Removable Thinsulate & Thermolite Heat Liner
  • Touchscreen Capable Skin Liner 2.0
  • Wrist Leashes
  • Goggle Cleaner

Gloves that protect our planet

Even better, BAÏST takes a bit from each sale to donate to a variety of organizations that work to protect our planet! Find out more info on that here. 

For more info on value, check out our in-depth PRICE COMPARISON charts.

Cheaper, but warmer than competitors

So you get it, BAÏST is much cheaper than the competitors. Is it warmer though? 

Yes. Yes it is.

BAÏST was designed by Ace Jonas, a skier, snowboarder, and telemarker who suffers from Raynaud’s Phenomenon. This basically means his hands have extremely poor circulation in cold weather (I have Raynaud’s too, so I know firsthand). 

Long story short, BAÏST was literally created by a guy whose hands are way way way colder than the average person, someone who needed maximum warmth. 

Ace knew traditional snow gloves weren’t cutting it, so he had to design something much, much warmer that was still functional and tactile enough to take on stellar ski and snowboard lines or up high-altitude mountains like Everest (yes, BAÏST has been to the summit of Everest).

That’s exactly why BAÏST is the warmest glove you’ll ever wear. 

Also, when you buy BAÏST, you aren’t buying a glove. We want to make that clear. 

Keep your hands toasty warm and tactile

The BAÏST System is made up of several different parts that all work together to keep your hands toasty warm and tactile, no matter how frosty the climes are.

It starts with the skin layer, which is extreme moisture wicking, heat sealing, touch screen compatible, so you never have to expose your skin to the cold. The layer’s narrow profile takes up no extra room in your glove, allowing for top-notch dexterity. It also has a built-in natural arch to match the shape of your fingers, and is crafted with nano-stitching to provide phenomenal durability. Next, the removable heat liner, crafted from BAÏST’s special Thermolite and Thinsulate blend, keeps each individual finger warm. 

This is all protected by the outer shell, designed from a hardy blend of goat leather and tough-as-nails Cordura. For those that don’t know, goat leather is some of the strongest, most lightweight, and stretchy material in existence (I use it for my motorcycle gloves, too). It’s also waterproof. 

The shell features double reinforced leather in high-wear areas to improve the glove’s lifespan, as well as a reinforced knuckle for impact protection in case you take any gnarly wipeouts.

Not just another glove from some massive brand focused on making sales

Ha. Ha. We’re doing a verdict about our own product. But seriously, even if we didn’t create BAÏST, we’d still use it every day.

This isn’t just another glove from some massive brand focused on making sales. BAÏST is a glove system designed by a core, hands-on team. Our founder is a skier, snowboarder, and telemarker himself, and he also suffers from extremely cold hands. So he literally made BAÏST for himself, first and foremost. 

You don’t make a product under those circumstances without putting 110% of your heart and stoke into it. You don’t make a product under those circumstances and settle for anything less than pure excellence. That’s why BAÏST is so rad. 

If you’re someone who loves the mountains, whether you’re a mountaineer like me or a snowboarder like Ace, BAÏST is for you. It’s made for people like me and you, and it works for people like me and you. It’s that simple.

Try the BAÏST system out and you’ll see.


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