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Living his BAÏSTLife.

We are continuing to highlight our BAÏSTLife Crew, made up of several talented athletes who push our brand to the limit and always live their BAÏSTLife. We recently featured Jeff Ashton, and now we are showcasing Alexis Audisio, a free skier from La Clusaz, France. Alexis started racing at a young age but quit at 15 years old to focus on the aspects of skiing he loves most: freestyle and freeride. Want to know more? Read on and get a peek into Alexis' life:

How long have you been skiing?

My dad put me on skis at the age of 3 and I immediately got hooked! Now it's been 21 years of good fun on the slopes :)

Do you have any funny stories or special memories of being on the slopes?

Probably sharing chairlift and a run with the worldwide legend Candide Thovex himself!

How many days do you currently spend skiing each year?

A minimum of 50 day. I try to go every weekend from early December to the end of April!

What does your perfect ski day look like? Who’s with you? Where are you?

A powder day with all my friends! An early start at 9 a.m., a quick lunch break and lots of fun. Since we grew up in the La Clusaz mountains, we know all the good spots and we can shred the fresh pow all day long. It may involve a bit of hiking and ski-touring, but it's always worth it. The perfect day always ends up with an après ski drinking mulled wine and watching the sunset.

What makes your riding style different from others?

I define myself as a versatile skier. Coming from a racing background, I am also a park rat and a rookie freerider. That's what I like about skiing: it's a broad discipline and you can improve on various aspects of your skiing.

What is your home mountain and what are your favorite parts about it?

La Clusaz, France. It's a really special place for me as you can shred pillows in the forest or climb peaks and drop into steep couloirs. Also, the resort is famous for the Balme Mountain which is full of natural jumps. This is actually where Candide shoots most of his videos. This place is like Disneyland to me ;)

Tell us about your most memorable ski trip or ski run.

I recently traveled to Italy with a good friend of mine to do some ski-touring and sleep in refuges near the famous Monterosa. I truly felt a communion between myself, nature and skiing, which was really pleasant.

We also got the opportunity to do some heliskiing (first time for me!). It was lots of fun (and obviously filled with lots of good food)!

What do you do in the off-season to stay in shape?

I try to hike, bike, wakeboard and play tennis as much as I can! I am always down for some outdoor adventures.

Do you have any wellness tips for people who want to ski on your level?

Debrief, debrief, debrief! At the end of each session, ask yourself: what did I do good? What did I do wrong? How can I improve? You can also apply this in your professional career. Taking a step back is always very important in order to avoid making the same mistakes that may one day end up causing an accident or an injury. The most important is to stay safe and have a good time!

You are headed out to the hill: What's in your pack? Tell us your 5 must-haves.

  1. Avalanche rescue kit
  2. Water, you gotta stay hydrated!
  3. GoPro to capture some sick shots
  4. A little bit of Génépi, the local liquor made of mountain plants (just in case it gets cold on the chairlift)
  5. My pair of BAÏST mitts so that I am never cold and I don't need to use the previously mentioned Génépi ;)

If you use BAÏST products, why do you enjoy using riding with them?

They are stylish, they keep me warm and they are super convenient! They are a must have! Once you try them, it is very difficult to go back to regular mitts or gloves.
Our BAÏSTLife Crew is comprised of avid skiers and boarders who are always looking for the next best challenge on the hill and the newest product to conquer the elements.

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