Ultra Running Glove

Running is about pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and testing your limits. BAÏST understands that, which is why we've designed the BAÏST Ultra Running Gloves to be the only protection you'll ever need while on the road, trail, or track. These gloves redefine the running experience by providing the most natural feeling liner, ensuring that they go the distance with you—no matter how far that may be.



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Ultra Running GloveUltra Running Glove
Ultra Running Glove
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When you hit the trail, road, or track, your gear should empower your journey, not hinder it. Introducing BAÏST Ultra Running Gloves—the ultimate running partner designed to provide unmatched protection and comfort while allowing you to stay connected with your surroundings. These gloves are your second skin, offering the most natural feeling liner to support you every step of the way, regardless of the distance.

Key Features:

  • Your Second Skin: BAÏST Ultra Running Gloves are crafted to be as natural as a second skin, ensuring you remain fully connected with your environment while enjoying essential protection.
  • Extreme Moisture Management: Engineered for ultimate performance, these gloves offer extreme moisture wicking and heat sealing, making them your ideal companion even in colder temperatures.
  • Stay Connected: Stay in control without exposing your skin. These gloves are touch screen compatible, allowing you to manage your devices effortlessly.
  • Feather-Light and Dextrous: Weighing a mere 1.55 oz, these gloves are incredibly lightweight and feature a narrow profile that takes up minimal space in your pack. This design ensures excellent dexterity and hand feel.
  • Designed for Your Comfort: Our Ultra Running Gloves feature a built-in natural arch that matches the shape of your fingers for a superior fit. Nano-stitching adds exceptional durability to withstand the demands of your journey.
  • Temperature Rating: These gloves are rated to provide comfort down to 37°F (2°C) when stationary and 22°F (-5°C) while running, ensuring you stay warm during chilly outings.

At BAÏST, we understand that your running gear should support your passion, not limit it. BAÏST Ultra Running Gloves redefine comfort and performance, becoming an essential part of your running arsenal.

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