Classic Glove

The BAÏST Classic Glove is built to withstand the toughest elements. Made with waterproof goat leather and impervious cordura, it features double-reinforced leather in high-wear areas and a reinforced knuckle for impact protection. The removable liner contains a private blend of thinsulate and thermolite for warmth and breathability. With a snowlock pull-cord, velcro pull strap, and elastic closure, the gloves are convenient and easy to use. Upgrade your winter gear with BAÏST Gloves – the warmest, most durable gloves on the market.



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Men's BAÏST Classic GloveBAIST Ski Glove and Snowboard Glove
Men's BAÏST Classic Glove
Prezzo scontato$179.50 USD
Women's BAÏST Classic GloveWomen's BAÏST Classic Glove
Women's BAÏST Classic Glove
Prezzo scontato$179.50 USD


Immerse yourself in the epitome of outdoor performance with the BAÏST Classic Glove, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, protection, and comfort that elevates your outdoor pursuits to new heights. Crafted with precision and unwavering commitment to quality, this glove embodies the core values of BAÏST, empowering you to conquer every challenge nature presents. Uncover the exceptional features that set the BAÏST Classic Glove apart as an indispensable asset for outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Features of the BAÏST Classic Glove:

  • Supreme Material Fusion: The BAÏST Classic Glove is meticulously constructed from waterproof goat leather and fortified with impervious cordura, creating a robust shell that safeguards your hands against the elements.
  • Unmatched Resilience and Control: With its Cordura shell, this glove delivers unparalleled durability without compromising dexterity, ensuring precise movement and uncompromised control during your outdoor activities.
  • Weatherproof Proficiency: The Cordura shell serves as an impervious defense against water and wind, ensuring your hands remain comfortably dry even when nature's forces are at their most relentless.
  • Reinforced for Endurance: Areas prone to high wear are fortified with double layers of leather, extending the glove's longevity and enabling it to endure the challenges of your outdoor explorations.
  • Impact Protection: Engineered with a reinforced knuckle design, the glove provides enhanced impact protection, ensuring your hands are shielded from potential hazards during high-intensity activities.
  • Exclusive Thermal Liner: The removable liner boasts BAÏST's proprietary blend of thinsulate and thermolite, delivering a combination of exceptional warmth and breathability that enhances your comfort while keeping your hands dry.

Elevate your outdoor escapades with the BAÏST Classic Glove, a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. As you traverse demanding trails and embrace the beauty of nature, rely on the BAÏST Classic Glove to be your unwavering companion, ready to conquer challenges and empower your spirit of adventure. Choose the BAÏST Classic Glove, and embark on each journey with the assurance of a glove that mirrors your determination and stands tall amidst nature's tests.

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