Jamie Flynn

I wish I had a long back story of how I started skiing and my family took me to amazing places and I have beautiful memories of ski trips but i dont. The reality is I was bought up in a very rough & poor area in the UK. We had no mountains & my parents couldn’t afford to take me to the south of France or Switzerland to learn to ski or snowboard, so I grew up skateboarding. I actually had zero interest in snow sports until I met a girl (of course)! In 2012, I left the Military and I met a girl who lived in Utah while I was on a BASE Jumping trip in Turkey; she managed to convince me to come to Utah for the winter season and learn to Ski. So off I went to Salt Lake City went to REI got all my gear and bought a season pass at Snowbird. During my time at Snowbird I was taught to ski by a couple of different people; because I came from a BASE jumping background I had a lot of friends who were very good on Ski’s but one friend in particular helped me a lot - Heath Ordway. After the season ended, my visa expired just as the relationship did - I left Utah & went back to my BASE Jumping life. I still skied a bit over the coming winters but not everyday like I did in 2012 until I moved to Canada. 2015/16 I picked up and skied a bit more but still not like crazy. 2017 I saw an ad on facebook for Grouse Mountain Ski Patrol. I have medical experience as a Team Medic in the British Army Parachute Regiment SFSG. So thought I’d apply. I got the job and learning to work on Ski’s became an interesting task (a lot different to just heading out with the boys in the mountains) that season I gained a passion for patrolling on the mountain, I guess I found a job that let me ski around all day. I still Patrol at Grouse Mountian part time and am Now a Volunteer at Whistler Blackcomb Patrol. But as we all know, the money isn’t great so now I ski for fun as much as I can between BASE Jumping & Patrol work.

"I guess I found a job that let me ski around all day. "

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