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Glove manufacturers have discovered what the rest of us have long known: Layers are key. Many are moving toward glove "systems" - a combination of liners and shells that can be worn together or separately as conditions demand. High-tech fabrics that minimize moisture and maximize warmth are standard this season.

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You can tell a lot about a person by their gloves. Like our hands, they tell our truths. Worn down palms, lightly ripped seams. Soft, supple leather. For those of us whose adventures draw us to the cold, to those early morning summits, to those late-night hikes under the full moon, these mitts, those gloves; they are the fabric of our lives. Every crease, every scuff, tells a story.

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gloves, ski and board gloves, ski gloves, skiing gloves

While skiing is a great sport for people who love adventure, it is also an activity that will frequently expose you to cold weather. With this in mind, it is crucial to you have the right gear to protect your body from the cold and avoid potential health hazards while you are high up on the slopes. 

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