Men's BAÏST Skin Liner 2.0

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Anne-Marie B.
Wonderful. Only worm gloves ever

These linets are a great compliment to the gloves

Paul H. (Toronto, CA)

Great for spring!

David M. (Colorado Springs, US)
Warm and Comfy Enough for This Patroller

I broke these in at Colorado Pro Patrol 23, loved em. Wearing an 80s onesie with a puffy underneath, at Telluride in the blowing freezing wind and snow, these gloves were probably the main object keeping me warm. If my hands had gotten cold, the party would have been ruined.

Never lost/dropped em. Never warmed a beer. Never got soaking wet. Plenty of dexterity for pointer finger predicaments. They work as great running a toboggan as they do crushing mashed potatoes. Next season will tell how tough they are when more rope work happens in the cold, but I thoroughly enjoy my mitts.

There was a lot of effort and thought put into the design and I really appreciate the Baist team for that. Thanks for keeping the party going.

Scott G. (Albany, US)
Great Liners

Quality product. I’ve used some other brands’ comparable products, such as those from Hestra and Outdoor Research, and these are my preference so far. I’ve only put a few days of use in so far, and mostly only used them as liners beneath heavier gloves and they’ve been great—warm and comfy. I anticipate also using them alone but haven’t done much of that so far this season.

The sensor material that allows touchscreen use is a little bulky but less so than others I’ve used and performs better on my touchscreens (mostly apple).

In terms of sizing, Baist’s sizing chart is worth printing out and seems true to size based on the two products I own. I measure between a 90 and 100. I bought outer gloves (the Baist Classic Glove) in size 100 and these liners in 90, which has been perfect for me: the liners are nice and snug but not too tight, and the big outer gloves are a roomy but not at all too big. I wouldn’t necessarily advise this ‘size-splitting’ unless you’re between sizes like I am but I’m pleased with how my gambit worked out and wanted to affirm that the sizing chart is reliable and accurate.

Lou D. (Salt Lake City, US)
Skin liners

Love these liners they work as advertised

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