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Unleash Your Best Skiing Experience with BAÏST's Top Women's Ski Gloves
Rated from -20°F to 45°F

When you're seeking the pinnacle of style, comfort, and performance on the slopes, look no further than the BAÏST Best Women's Ski Gloves. Meticulously designed for today's adventurous female skier, these gloves are engineered to elevate your skiing adventure with unbeatable warmth, durability, and functionality.


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Women's BAÏST MittWomen's BAÏST Mitt
Women's BAÏST Mitt
REA-pris$179.50 USD
Women's BAÏST Trigger GloveBAIST Women's Trigger Gloves | 3 Finger Gloves | Lobster Claw Glove
Women's BAÏST Trigger Glove
REA-pris$179.50 USD
Women's BAÏST Classic GloveWomen's BAÏST Classic Glove
Women's BAÏST Classic Glove
REA-pris$179.50 USD
Women's Everyday BAÏSTWomen's Everyday BAÏST
Women's Everyday BAÏST
REA-pris$144.50 USD
Women's Everyday MittWomen's Everyday Mitt
Women's Everyday Mitt
REA-pris$144.50 USD
Women's Touring BAÏST 2.0BAIST Women's Touring 2.0 Gloves
Women's Touring BAÏST 2.0
REA-pris$109.00 USD
Women's BAÏST Ride or Dye MittsWomen's BAÏST Ride or Dye Mitts
Women's BAÏST Ride or Dye Mitts
REA-pris$144.50 USD


Elevate your skiing experience with the BAÏST Women's Ski Gloves meticulously crafted especially for women seeking top-tier performance on the slopes. These gloves are the epitome of excellence in women's ski gear, offering unbeatable comfort, durability, and functionality to keep you warm, dry, and agile as you conquer the mountains.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Construction: The ski glove is meticulously constructed with our exclusive waterproof goat leather and impervious Cordura, creating an unyielding shield against the elements. This shell is your first and most robust defense against harsh conditions.
  • Extreme Durability and Dexterity: The Cordura shell guarantees exceptional durability and dexterity, making these gloves perfect for demanding conditions and precise maneuvers on the slopes. They're not only waterproof but also windproof, ensuring your comfort during every descent.
  • High-Wear Area Protection: To maximize longevity and provide essential protection where it's needed most, we've reinforced high-wear areas with double-reinforced leather.
  • Impact-Ready Knuckle Reinforcement: Safety is a priority. The gloves feature a reinforced knuckle design to ensure your hands remain safe during high-speed descents.
  • Exclusive Liner: The removable liner features our private blend of thinsulate and thermolite, setting new standards for warmth and breathability. Prepare to experience the warmest and most breathable liner ever.

Elevate your skiing adventure with the BAÏST Women's Ski Gloves - meticulously crafted for women who demand excellence on the slopes. These gloves are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring you stay comfortable and protected as you carve your path through the snow.

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