The Gear You Need for a New Year

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Hey, Jon here! I’m a guide, geographer, author and Ski-Mountaineer from Vail, Colorado. You will often find me outdoors hiking, climbing, skiing or even ice skating, which is why I’ve decided to compile some of my must-haves. They will come in handy this winter — trust me.

You will likely need more than just new equipment to make your resolutions reality, but a few new things may push you toward your goals and keep you warm all winter long. Besides, what better way to use those gift cards you got for the holidays?

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The BAÏST Glove System | $179.50

These gloves are the best! Not only are they attractive and functional, they are great for skiing, snowboarding and hiking, and they look cool for when you are out walking the dog, playing with the kids at the playground, or going sledding. For around $200, you can get a pair of gloves that are going to rock your world. They come with skin liners that allow you to operate your smartphone while wearing them and they have classic wrist leashes so you can’t lose them easily. I’ve worn them up Everest a couple of times, so I’m pretty sure you will love them.

Forty Below Camp Booties | $79.95

These are the warmest booties around for all your camping needs (with great color options, too!). I’ve been to some of the most extreme places on Earth – and I never forget to bring my Camp Booties. Forty Below makes some of the best in the world. Whether you are heading for a crisp, fall camping trip, a multi-day backpacking trip, a climb of Mount Rainier, or an expedition to Everest, these booties will keep your feet toasty. You can even wear them in front of the fire and around the house. Forty Below also offers items for the cold such as water bottle covers, overboots and other clothing items, which will all make great additions to your gear collection!

Zeal Optics Portal XL | $159.00

Zeal Portal XL goggles come in many changeable lens colors for all conditions. Zeal has an awesome line of sunglasses and goggles. Since I recently rolled into ski season, I would recommend the Portal XL. Portal XL provides the biggest vistas ever. Packing all the great features — including the patent-pending Rail Lock System which allows you to change out lenses — Portal XL provides a larger fit with more coverage for face shots. Portal XL’s field of vision spans the widest of ranges and features Optimum, Optimum Polarized and Optimum Polarized Automatic Plus lens options. I’ve taken these goggles to the top of the world (literally), so shouldn't you?

Here's to an awesome 2020. Be safe out there!
–Dr. Jon

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