Austin Becker

My name is Austin Becker, a professional photographer and big mountain skier based out of the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado. I have had the itch for skiing since I was two years old. Growing up in Lake Arrowhead, CA, a small mountain resort town nestled just 30 minutes from Bear Mountain & Snow Summit, gave me easy access to skiing all winter long. I was a competitive skier for many years until March 22nd, 2016, the day my whole life changed. A routine day in the park in Utah led to a horrible crash where I broke several vertebrae in my spine, was rushed into emergency surgery, and miraculously could move all of my extremities post-surgery. A tale as old as time... I was prescribed opiate painkillers which took me down a terrible rabbit hole of addiction, and years of heartache. In 2018 I decided to get my life together, get clean, and get back to doing what I love most... skiing and photography. Catch me on the road this winter as I pack up my car in search of endless powder, and awesome content opportunities and give back to the community at large. I say all of this to inspire hope in those struggling with mental health, and substance use disorder, and prove that a comeback is possible.


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