Mittens vs. Gloves

As the temperature drops and winter sports beckon, the battle against the cold becomes a priority. When it comes to selecting the right hand protection, the mittens vs gloves debate takes center stage. Each option comes with its own set of advantages, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned winter adventurer or a casual enthusiast, understanding the nuances between mittens and gloves is crucial to ensure your hands stay warm, comfortable, and agile in chilly conditions.


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BAIST Gloves waterproof, warmest, sub-zero, beastBAÏST Classic Handschuh für Herren
BAÏST Classic Handschuh für Herren
Angebot$169.50 USD
BAIST Men's Trigger Gloves | 3 Finger GlovesBAIST Men's Trigger Gloves | 3 Finger Gloves
BAÏST Abzugshandschuh für Herren
Angebot$169.50 USD
Angebot$135.45 USD
BAIST Men's Touring 2.0 GlovesBAIST Men's Touring 2.0 Gloves
Herren Touring BAÏST 2.0
Angebot$99.00 USD
BAÏST-Handschuh für HerrenBAÏST-Handschuh für Herren
BAÏST-Handschuh für Herren
Angebot$169.50 USD
Alltagshandschuh für HerrenAlltagshandschuh für Herren
Alltagshandschuh für Herren
Angebot$135.45 USD
BAÏST Ride or Dye Mitts für HerrenBAÏST Ride or Dye Mitts für Herren
BAÏST Ride or Dye Mitts für Herren
Angebot$135.50 USD
BAIST_Glove_SystemBAÏST Classic Handschuh für Damen
BAÏST Classic Handschuh für Damen
Angebot$169.50 USD
BAIST Women's Trigger Gloves | 3 Finger GlovesBAIST Women's Trigger Gloves | 3 Finger Gloves
BAÏST Abzugshandschuh für Damen
Angebot$169.50 USD
Everyday_BAÏSTDamen Alltag BAÏST
Damen Alltag BAÏST
Angebot$135.45 USD
BAIST Women's Touring 2.0 GlovesBAIST Women's Touring 2.0 Gloves
Damen Touring BAÏST 2.0
Angebot$109.00 USD
BAIST_Mitt_SystemBAÏST-Handschuh für Damen
BAÏST-Handschuh für Damen
Angebot$169.50 USD
Everyday_MittAlltagshandschuh für Damen
Alltagshandschuh für Damen
Angebot$135.45 USD
BAÏST Ride or Dye Fäustlinge für DamenBAÏST Ride or Dye Fäustlinge für Damen
BAÏST Ride or Dye Fäustlinge für Damen
Angebot$135.50 USD
Der BAÏST Kinderhandschuh
Angebot$95.50 USD


Whether you're a seasoned skier or a winter enthusiast, understanding the differences between mittens and gloves is essential to ensure you're equipped for optimal warmth, comfort, and dexterity on the slopes. Let's dive into a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Mittens: Defying the Chill with Unbeatable Warmth and Versatility

Mitten Features:

  • Proprietary Liner System: BAÏST's mittens revolutionize versatility with a proprietary liner system, allowing you to remove, replace, or wear each layer individually or in combinations. This dynamic system offers 8 different wearing options, ensuring adaptable warmth and comfort.
  • Uncompromising Warmth: Mittens are renowned for their exceptional warmth, as the fingers are grouped together within the same compartment. The removable liner, featuring a private blend of thinsulate & thermolite, adds an extra layer of insulation for superior heat retention.
  • Durable Shell: The mitten's shell, constructed from waterproof goat leather and impervious cordura, offers steadfast defense against the elements. Cordura provides extreme durability and dexterity, making it a rugged choice for cold-weather activities.
  • Impact Protection: Reinforced knuckles provide added impact protection, ensuring your hands are shielded even during intense outdoor pursuits.

Gloves: Precision and Flexibility for Unmatched Performance

Glove Features:

  • Precision Dexterity: Gloves excel in providing precise dexterity, allowing individual movement of each finger. This makes them ideal for tasks that require fine motor skills, such as adjusting gear or using mobile devices.
  • Shell Durability: BAÏST's gloves feature a shell made of waterproof goat leather and impervious cordura, offering durability and protection against the elements.
  • Double-Reinforced Design: Double-reinforced leather in high-wear areas enhances longevity, ensuring your gloves stand up to rigorous use.
  • Breathable Liner: The removable liner, featuring a private blend of thinsulate & thermolite, offers both warmth and breathability, preventing overheating during active pursuits.
  • Enhanced Grip: Gloves provide an enhanced grip, making them suitable for activities that demand controlled handling of equipment and tools.

In the mittens vs gloves debate, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize unbeatable warmth, versatility, and adaptability, mittens, like BAÏST's, are the go-to choice. For precision, flexibility, and tasks requiring individual finger movement, gloves hold the advantage. Whether you opt for mittens or gloves, you can trust BAÏST's commitment to quality and performance, ensuring your hands remain warm, comfortable, and ready to embrace the beauty of winter's playground.

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