In the world of skiing and snowboarding, there are legends, and then there's the Legends Line by BAÏST. It's not just a collection of outdoor gear; it's a celebration of unmatched expertise and the relentless pursuit of perfection.legends.


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Men's BAÏST Scot Schmidt GloveMen's BAÏST Scot Schmidt Glove
Men's BAÏST Scot Schmidt Glove
Angebot$190.00 USD
Women's BAÏST Scot Schmidt GloveWomen's BAÏST Scot Schmidt Glove
Women's BAÏST Scot Schmidt Glove
Angebot$190.00 USD


This isn't just about gear; it's about a journey. A journey where the boundaries of greatness are pushed to new heights. A journey where legends come to life. Welcome to the Legends Line by BAÏST, where adventure meets excellence.

Key Features of The Scot Schmidt Glove:

  1. Made of our waterproof goat leather and our impervious ballistic cordura. The shell is your first and toughest defense against the elements.
  2. Ballistic Cordura Shell for extreme durability and dexterity. Waterproof and Windproof.
  3. Double-reinforced leather in high-wear areas for added longevity.
  4. TPR Backing Reinforced knuckle for impact protection.
  5. The removable liner features our private blend of thinsulate & thermolite. This is the warmest and most breathable liner you've ever experienced

    The Legends Line by BAÏST isn't just gear; it's a testament to the pursuit of greatness, a tribute to those who redefine boundaries, and an invitation to embark on legendary journeys. When adventure meets excellence, it's not just a line—it's a legacy. Discover the Legends Line and elevate your outdoor experiences to legendary heights.

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